The Race Towards the Deployment of Automated Vehicles

The automotive industry is undergoing its biggest transformation since its inception, as electric vehicles are being deployed worldwide and automated vehicles (AVs) move past their early stages of development. PVMI director John Paul MacDuffie sat down with Wharton Business Daily to speak more on the future of mobility and how he expects auto and tech companies will navigate these changes.Read More

Why ‘Autos Plus Tech’ Is the Best Path for Automated Vehicles

As automated vehicles (AVs) inch closer to entering the mainstream, observers and analysts are divided as to which players will come out ahead: established auto manufacturers or new entrants from Silicon Valley. However, PVMI director John Paul MacDuffie and David R. Keith, professor at MIT, believe a better framing is not “autos versus tech,” but “autos plus tech.”Read More

Autonomous Vehicles Could Worsen Urban Congestion, New Study Finds

Overcrowded downtowns could see an increase in traffic thanks to autonomous vehicle (AV) technology, according to a new report released by the World Economic Forum and the Boston Consulting Group with the city of Boston. Using surveys and traffic simulations, the study found that AVs would draw travelers away from mass transit options and encourage automobile use for short trips in city centers.Read More