Autonomous Car Crashes: Who — or What — Is to Blame?

Two recent fatal accidents involving autonomous vehicles have raised concerns about the future of driverless technology. In an interview with Knowledge@Wharton, PVMI Director John Paul MacDuffie discusses the importance of being compassionate and responsible on the frontier of autonomous vehicle development.Read More

Changing Gears: A Review of Faster, Smarter, Greener

The future of mobility faces a plethora of possible solutions, from electric vehicles to self-driving and connected cars, even declining car ownership in favor of eco-friendly and intelligent public transportation. Along with co-authors Venkat Sumantran, and David Gonsalvez, PVMI member Charles Fine has released a timely new book attempting to read these trends and offer authoritative predictions for the industry.Read More

Will Self-Driving Electric Vehicles Make Conventional Cars Worthless?

In the coming years, conventional cars will be as obsolete as rolling typewriters, according to RethinX, a Bay Area think tank. With the emergence of electric vehicles and Transportation-as-a-Service (TaaS), experts disagree about the likely adoption rate of shared autonomous transportation. Read More

How the Waymo-Uber Lawsuit Could Rewrite Intellectual Property Rules

Alphabet’s recent lawsuit against Uber for patent infringement and stealing trade secrets may lead to a reevaluation of competition and intellectual property protection within the automobile industry. According to PVMI Director John Paul MacDuffie,”These are trade secrets that are incredibly hot and at the heart of a fierce and fast-pacedRead More

Changes Ahead in Transportation Signal Opportunity for CPAs

Ride-hailing and autonomous vehicles are poised to rapidly transform global transportation culture. According to PVMI Director John Paul MacDuffie, these changes will also give rise to new opportunities for businesses beyond the auto industry, including insurers, healthcare providers, delivery companies, auto repair companies, and parking garages, to name a few. AlongsideRead More

Does the Google-Uber Lawsuit Hold the Key to Self-driving Cars?

The recent legal battle between Uber and Waymo, a subsidiary of Google’s parent company Alphabet, has created some roadblocks along the path to commercializing self-driving cars. Waymo has accused Uber of violation of trade secrets and patent infringements, and sought to bar Uber from using its proprietary technology. According to PVMIRead More

Can U.S. Highways Handle the New Mobility?

The advent of self-driving vehicles brings about many challenges, particularly with regulations and insurance companies. PVMI Director John Paul MacDuffie points out in the Philadelphia Inquirer that many of these challenges arise from the lack of unified tech standards across different automakers and between automakers and software companies.Read More