Changing Gears: A Review of Faster, Smarter, Greener

The future of mobility faces a plethora of possible solutions, from electric vehicles to self-driving and connected cars, even declining car ownership in favor of eco-friendly and intelligent public transportation. Along with co-authors Venkat Sumantran, and David Gonsalvez, PVMI member Charles Fine has released a timely new book attempting to read these trends and offer authoritative predictions for the industry.

In a review of Faster, Smarter, Greener: The Future of the Car and Urban Mobility, S. Muralidhar of the Hindu Business Line observes that the authors are “uniquely positioned to forecast the coming revolution in mobility.” Muralidhar calls the book “a guide for all the stakeholders who are interested in preserving the romance of the automobile even as other prudent, green and cost-effective mobility solutions are simultaneously promoted.”

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