From (Auto)Mobile to Mobility: Technological Change and Innovation in the Global Vehicle Industry

Friday, August 1, 2014
Organized by Florian A. Täube, EBS Business School and Anja Schulze, ETH Zurich
Hosted by John Paul MacDuffie, the Wharton School

Are you working on automotive or mobility-related research? Would you like to discuss your work with other scholars in the field? Are you interested in current work-in-progress for a special issue of ICC – Industrial Corporate Change? These were the questions posed as we prepared for this Program for Vehicle and Mobility Innovation (PVMI) Professional Development Workshop (PDW) during the annual meeting of the Academy of Management 2014!

vThe global automotive industry had been undergoing a transition from a focus on customers and markets of developed economies and from being a product, sales and after-sales-service focused industry to a global sector for mobility, that is characterized by a larger variety of technologies, products, services, and business models than ever known before. While the increasing importance of emerging markets and new customer needs are important drivers of this change, environmental considerations along with governmental regulations and technology development are also significant factors.

The purpose of the PDW was to provide a forum for current research in the field. The PDW was divided in two parts: Part 1 was short presentations and alignment discussion of (conditionally) accepted special issue papers. Part 2 (paper submission and pre-registration required) was a paper development workshop for authors working in this field with feedback from the PVMI research network, including special issue guest editors.