Ecosystems in the Automotive Industry

A Plenary Session at the Strategic Management Society 38th Annual Conference
September 25, 2018 at Paris Marriott Rive Gauche Hotel & Conference Center, Paris, France
Organized by Strategic Management Society
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Session Leader
Michael G. Jacobides, London Business School

• Laurent Kocher, Keolis
• Jörg Lamparter, Daimler Financial Services AG
• Nikolaus Lang, Boston Consulting Group
• Arwen Smit, DOVU

Session Description
One of the sectors which has most been transformed in the past few years is mobility. After a long period of stability, with clear industry boundaries and a clear separation between the segments in the mobility sector, new technologies, changing customer expectations and resulting in new business models, as well as the evolution of societal needs, have led to new ecosystem structures which are redefining the competitive landscape. There is a plethora of ambitious start-ups or firms invading from other industries, and investors heavily betting on these ecosystems. Existing players engage in far-reaching changes, creating webs of partnerships and investments, to completely redefine their value proposition and business model. During the session, a set of mobility experts with diverse backgrounds will share their views on what is driving this strategic transformation, examine the strategic implications of these changes for the different players, and discuss how private and public sector need to work together to create sustainable mobility ecosystems. These ecosystems have not only the power to drive corporate success but also the ability to tackle major societal problems such as congestion, pollution and global warming. Through discussion of cutting-edge practices and ideas we aim to shed light not only on this sector, but also on the ways in which strategy making needs to change to adjust to disruption, sectoral transformation and ecosystem emergence in the economy overall.