Reducing Cars on the Road: Innovative Solutions to Urban Transportation

Our chronic reliance on cars has led to problems of air pollution and congestion within cities. As PVMI member Charles Fine points out, “the continued growth of automobile usage is not sustainable.” In the new book Faster, Smarter, Greener: The Future of the Car and Urban Mobility, he and his co-authors Venkat Sumantran and David Gonsalvez offer an answer to the dominance of cars in the urban landscape – “CHIP architecture,” which stands for connectivity, heterogeneity, intelligence, and personalization.

“We need to start thinking broadly about mobility,” says Fine. By improving urban transportation, people are encouraged to use other methods of travel rather than their own vehicles. The authors promote CHIP as the solution to getting people out of their cars as opposed to getting more people into electric vehicles.

Read an interview with the authors here.